About us

Proprietorship of Giedrius Baciuška started writing its history on 12 April 1995, when it was registered in the Center of Registers of Legal Persons of the Tauragė District Municipality. Giedrius Baciuška is its founder and owner. In the first years of activities main field of activities of the Company was transportation of second-hand cars from West Europe and their sales. Since the year 1996 the Company has started providing car transportation services.

Currently main economic activities of the company are retail and wholesale of second-hand cars, car-related services and transportation.

The fleet of the cars being sold is renewed every week. People, who want to acquire a car in the Company, are granted exhaustive information about cars offered, their acquisition possibilities. The Company cooperates with UAB Šiaulių banko lizingas, UAB SEB banko lizingas, MOGO.lt and other Lithuanian leasing companies. A buyer may choose desired leasing company which he/she wants to conclude a car hire-purchase contract with.

We have expanded the geography of transportation services provided by us from one country to transit in the biggest part of Europe. Today we have 70 car carrying trucks in compliance with, EURO 6 standards capable to transport 9 to 10 automobiles.

Extending scopes of transportation and establishing new work places the Company manager implements personnel politic which ensures the growth of employee education and appraisal of their qualification. Introducing new technological processes of transportation qualification of employees is raised.

Long-term business year testifies to the confidence of customers, their acknowledgement of high-qualified and pleasant service, and high-quality freight traffic service in all cases.

Our credo has always been, is and will be: RELIABILITY AND QUALITY

Objective of the Company is to execute sales of cars, provision of high-quality international carriage services at competitive prices, cleaning of their interior and exterior, rent of cars.

The vision of the Company is respectable and honest business, constant improvement of the quality of goods and services, as well as customer service.

Work principles: safe delivery of freights to the indicated location due time at optimal price applying a flexible settlement system. All activities of Company personnel are oriented towards operative and high-quality satisfaction of customer needs in the field of car sales and freight traffic.