Sustainability at GBY

We choose to be a successful and responsible organization – one that evaluates its impact, seeks modern solutions and protects people and nature. We aim to maintain the high quality of our services, foster business partnerships worldwide, therefore we aim to reduce our negative impact on the environment and increase the positive one.

As representatives of the transport sector, we understand that we contribute to the negative processes of climate change, therefore one of the priorities of our activities is reducing the impact on the environment. We constantly educate our employees, use modern technologies and solutions.

The basis of sustainability in the organization is the well-being of employees, which we strive for by protecting everyone’s rights, ensuring opportunities for improvement and financial well-being, creating respectful relationships and acting ethically every day.

Partnerships are what help us achieve our sustainability goals faster. We strive for an active relationship with the communities in which we operate, we develop joint initiatives together, we use well-known faces who help us spread the message of sustainability more widely. We are glad that for many years the GBY ambassador is the racer Rokas Baciuška. Thanks to Rokas, we can touch more social initiatives, spread the importance of safe traffic more widely.

We improve the organization’s processes, we monitor our daily activities so that they comply with the principles of ethical business, environmental requirements, maintain respect and protect human rights, meet the expectations of our employees, customers, partners and interested groups. By fostering sustainability in the organization, we not only fulfill our obligations to the environment, but also encourage our partners, customers and communities to follow the path of sustainability together. We are sure that common goals will lead to more significant results in the field of sustainability.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the essential sustainability documents in our organization:




Environmental Policy

Code of Ethical Employment

Human Rights Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Code of Conduct for Employees

Code of Ethical Conduct for Business Partners