Transport international d’automobilis

Haute qualité

Haute qualitéHaute qualité

The Company provides high-quality transportation services at competitive price not only for Lithuanian, but also for West European companies. Main consumers of transportation services provided by the Company are Lithuanian, Polish, French and Czech trade companies and organizations.

Efficacité des services

Efficacité des servicesEfficacité des services

In the Company there work 75 international carriage expeditors. All cars transported by us are insured according to CMR Convention. Giving preference to high quality of services, we are seeking to constant improvement of rendered services. We always seek for optimal relation of price and quality. Transporting cars from/to West Europe we give preference to efficiency. We are constantly striving, the freights to be delivered as fast as possible.

Professionnalisme de l`équipe

Professionnalisme de l`équipeProfessionnalisme de l`équipe

Constant control of transportation process, high professionalism of our employees will allow forgetting all worries related to transportation of cars. We will take care about everything.

Regular transportation of freights, operative works and flexible attitude towards clients are our main advantages in the field.


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